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Good morning to one and all present here today I am here to speak few words based on the rainwater uses and the harvesting of the water. The collection of the water due to the scarcity of the water in the country and due to the no rainfall and the drought in the country which has become the problem today and rainwater harvesting take place in many of the methods such as the shortage in the channel, in the tank above the roof and in many more ways. Harvesting the water will give the proper use of the water, and the soil erosion also get reduces because the water will flow in the direction which are set and if there is no proper storage then when the water will stay still in the surface there can be the flood or the soil erosion. Today if there is the shortage of water resources than the people go for the use of the groundwater from the well, bore well now these resources are also being reduces, but the rainwater harvesting will help during the problem of the droughts, the soil also get damage due to the digging for the groundwater, but the use of the groundwater is more because the nature purifies the water underground. The water which is stored from the rainfall other than that the water which is stored from the rainfall can be used for the other purpose such as the to wash the clothes, wash the dish, bathroom uses and much more work rather than drinking it because this will cause the health issues.

Water issues in developing countries

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Because of its simplicity, a greywater recycling system is the best way to preserve and recycle water. It is a manageable system that can be operated by all people and even businesses around the world. The appropriate uses of greywater depend on both the source of greywater and the level of treatment. It is widely known that fresh water must be available for everyone, and there are many methods available for obtaining this water. On the other hand, water recycling and rain water tanks are more effective than desalination.

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Rainwater harvesting RWH is the collection and storage of rain, rather than allowing it to run off. Rainwater is collected from a roof-like surface and redirected to a tank, cistern, deep pit well, shaft, or borehole , aquifer , or a reservoir with percolation, so that it seeps down and restores the ground water. Dew and fog can also be collected with nets or other tools. Rainwater harvesting differs from stormwater harvesting as the runoff is collected from roofs, rather than creeks, drains, roads, or any other land surfaces. The harvested water can also be committed to longer-term storage or groundwater recharge.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use rainwater for all of your needs? Would you like to use this water from nature for your livestock or in your home for all of your in-home necessities? Well, there is a way to get this water and use it for everything you need it for. Rainwater harvesting, a process that involves capturing, diverting, and storing rainwater, is the most natural way to use water.

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