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The question that has me writing this essay is whether MacBeth is a tragic hero or a villain. This paper will show the writers point of view of weather The writer thinks MacBeth is a tragic hero or a villian. We start off the story by McBeth being in war against Ireland. McBeth and his soldiers were ruthless and took on his army and ended up as victors of the war. In this act I believe.

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Whiles I see lives, the gashes Do better upon them. At the beginning of the play, we view Macbeth as being a hero who would defend his King and country against traitors. He also holds a lot of guilt about killing Duncan, and is commanded by his own wife to do so. When Macbeth progresses into a villain, he becomes more detached from Lady Macbeth and can make decisions without her. Although not written, Shakespeare implies that Duncan encountered a gory death to show how controversial Macbeth is willing to be in hope of gaining power.

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In conclusion, the idea that Macbeth is a work in which human feelings mix with enigma and mystery should be highlighted. The struggle between good and evil plays a very significant role in the success of Macbeth. The evil won and he became ambitious and oblivious to his actions just to end up dead, killed by Macduff as revenge for his family. The blood on every page of the play shows the guilt of Macbeth and how it drove him to the end, just for his.
Macbeth as a Tragic Hero William Shakespeare's plays have the reputation of being among the greatest in the English language and in West A Shakespearean tragic hero may be defined as an exceptional being of high degree that contributes to his own degeneration and illustrates a person Macbeth — Tragic Hero Macbeth was a true Shakespearean tragic hero.

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