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We use cookies to enhance our website for you. Proceed if you agree to this policy or learn more about it. Type of paper: Research Paper. The following research, analysis, and discourse provides how CSL adult learners indeed benefit from the explicit instruction of all components of the radicals of Chinese characters at the onset of their learning. This connects to providing them a better understanding of the Chinese language as a non-alphabetical based framework especially for those students with English as their primary language.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Research Papers

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Globalization has opened the borders of the majority of countries giving all of us excess to learning foreign cultures, to work and travel abroad. However, without knowing a foreign language it is much more complicated and expensive. Employers do not want to hire new workers if the latter do not know the language of a country they wish to work in. Though traveling agencies offer interpreters and tour guides, who can speak about historic places of interest in a language understandable to tourists, it is more interesting and educative to be able to listen about historical background of a country you are traveling to in a native language. It is possible to speak about the importance of learning foreign languages for a long time, as the advantages that knowledge of foreign languages brings are remarkable, however, before using these advantages it is necessary to learn a foreign language, which sometimes may not be easy, as it may not be very easy to teach a foreign language as well.

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This website is no longer being maintained. The purpose of this general overview article is to outline how research into second language acquisition SLA over the last few decades has fed into our understanding of learning and teaching in foreign language classrooms. The relationship between SLA research and second language pedagogy is then explored. Finally, recent developments investigating specifically the relationship between instruction and L2 development are outlined.
Paper Masters recommends that your English as a second language research paper should use the educational theory espoused by John Dewey , and to a lesser extent, his ideological successor, Paulo Freire to examine ESL theory. The chief argument explored in your research paper should be based on the fact that the current system of ESL education that is in place in the American public education system does not maximize educational democracy , and that specific changes should be made in order to ensure that ESL students and curriculum are guaranteed the widest range of equal opportunity possible. Based on personal observations in field experience, it seems reasonable to argue that ESL instructors face notable challenges when it comes to providing students with support in the classroom. When ESL students fall behind grade level in a specific subject, it can be difficult for educators to help students effectively catch-up. In addition, many educators appear to be overwhelmed by the number of ESL students in the classroom.

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