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Having little to no government allows individuals to act according to their own self interest in regards to economic decisions. Government spending is not a major part in the Classical Theory. It is more focused on consumer spending and business investment because they are the most important parts of economic growth. Classical economists believe that too much government spending will increase the public sector and decrease the private sector where wealth is created.

Why a Government is Necessary for a Country

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Election outcomes are determined by those who participate. Elected officials make important often life and death decisions about how our society will expend its collective resources and the restraints it will place on individual behavior. In making those decisions, elected officials respond to people who bother to vote more than to those who abstain. Voting allows you to choose people you want to represent your community in the governance of your country. The winning party will govern your society and will be answerable to you. With the democratic process of voting, a balance in power can be maintained between the governance and the people. Hence, you must cast your vote for presidential elections as well as local body elections.

An Importance of the First Amendment

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Reasons as to why the U. Government should continue to fund N. With the ideals that American tax dollars should be spent on more important things and that companies are now able to construct their own rockets that are able to send people on excursions into space, really is what challenges government support and true betterment of humanity.
Please join StudyMode to read the full document. And let's imagine that there's a very large man--we'll call him Biff--who doesn't especially like my writing, so he walks in, throws the MacBook on the floor, stomps it into little pieces, and leaves. And before leaving, Biff tells me that if I write anything else he doesn't like, he'll do to me what he did to my MacBook. Well, in doing that he just established something very much like his own government.

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