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The speaker emphasizes his belief that the common phrase is still alive within America and that one must work hard in order to achieve it. When it comes to the topic of the American Dream, King will eagerly agree that the idea is still alive and thriving in the minds of Americans; however, I deem that the idea is on hold within American. The concept of the American Dream has been with us as long as we have been a nation. The American dream may differ between every individual and how they perceive it. To some, the American dream is to have a decent job and to be financially. United States has a dream, or better yet known as the American Dream.

Weaknesses Of The American Dream

The American Dream Dead Alive Analysis |

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. But somehow in the 21st century that definition has been skewed resulting in millennials thinking that no such thing exists. The American dream in the eyes of an entitled person has gone to the graveyard. But in reality the American Dream is more alive than ever for the people who have the determination. This notion that we millennials have taken American Dream comes such an entitled and privileged place that we refuse to see the truth. We live in our own little world in our heads nitpicking at the smallest societal flaws that we forget that this is still that land of opportunity and prosperity.

The American Dream : Dead, Alive, Or On Hold?

In particular, they were sold as products. Moreover, the law of slavery is morally wrong. Moral people should refuse slavery, but the American government supported slavery for the sake of its own interests. Thoreau indicated that the government was not treating each citizen equally, and it was injustice because it flagrantly disregarded the basic human rights of people who were in slaves. Just like royalty fittingly enough he was appointed president by having the right connections, image and of course, money.
In: Social Issues. Gatsby cared for Daisy so much but he failed to win his back because of his death. Jay Gatsby is merely a small character compared with the great American dream. He uses illegal method to become rich and takes advantage of money to buy love. Eventually no one attend to his funeral.

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