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Society was cruel through their lifestyles. Different people at these time were treated badly because of their age, race and gender. This perfectly depicts the somewhat average working african american man. For a short time, his dream of living out his days with George and Lennie on the farm they dream of buying distracts Candy from his grim reality. He considers the couple acres of land they explain was worthy of his hard earned life long savings, which bespeaks his desperate need to believe there is a kinder world than the one in which he lives. First, the minor characters are used to foreshadow the events of the story.

Unfulfilled American Dream In Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Steinbeck presents Crooks as a victim of racism throughout the entire book, Firstly Crooks is the only black man on the ranch illustrating that he is an outcast. Crooks back injury is due to a horse kicking him in the back, this indicates that Steinbeck is trying to express that even an animal is worth more than him. A guy needs someone — to be near him. The oppression Crooks experiences in living in a barn and not in the bunkhouse where he could play rummy as one of the group leads him to this desperate plea to be realised as equal. Just because when he cuts himself, the blood he bleeds is looked upon as different from a white perspective, this does not mean he is not entitled to benefit from human nature.

Discrimination in “Of Mice and Men”

Each character strives to achieve their own dream, and some without realising. Dreams are very important in the novella, because without them nobody has anything to work towards and to motivate them in life. Crooks is a very isolated character in the novella. As he is black and the only coloured man in Soledad he is discriminated against. However she missed the opportunity and we find out later in the novella she deeply regrets not trying harder for it.
This perfectly depicts the somewhat average working african american man. Other people push him aside for his differences and think that he is a lesser person because of something that he cannot control. All the other white men on the farm sleep in the bunkhouse in the ranch but crooks has a separate sleeping quarters that is located next to the animals pens.

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