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Where have you been? She just understands about social lifestyle and not the results that occur with it. Lacking the knowledge of a right way to encounter difficult situations, Connie is faced by Arnold Friend who has intentions to achieve a few outrageous deeds to her. As Oates explains about Connie to us we get introduced to what influences her to act out and not care what others think and go about dealing with problems herself.

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In the short story "Where are you going where have you been? Connie is always ignoring her mother. Connie is a young fifteen year old who cares about her sexual drive that men have toward her. It talks about a man and a woman whose names are Connie and also Arnold friend. In spite of the way that Connie tries to show the nearness of being a created woman who has learned about men, her involvement with Arnold reveals this is only an execution. She has.

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Irony, juxtapositions, and foreshadowing are being used in each piece of literature to help the reader comprehend and compare what the author is saying about the characters and their motives now and in the near future. Gender Criticism Who says gender and sex are the same thing? Who created the standards of what each one is? Who got to decide which one would be in charge?
We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Words: , Paragraphs: 6, Pages: 2. Connie meets Friend at a fly-infested restaurant, fly-infested symbolizing lack of morality. Music was a huge part of the story.

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