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Only rather recently has the reliability and accuracy of the Iliad in terms of depicting the war come into question. Modern historians and scholars have come to the same conclusion that the Iliad is not to be perceived as entirely historically accurate. In order to assess the amount of historical knowledge that is present, and the reliability of the epic as a literary source, the Homeric Question comes into play, along with the perspectives historians and scholars hold of the poem and the archaeological evidence of the Trojan War in correlation to the Iliad. The Homeric Question calls into question the identity of Homer and the authorship of the Iliad and the Odyssey. The origin and authorship of the poem is vital in this discussion as it depicts the reliability of the literary work.

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The Deadliest Battles in the Civil War

This glowing stronghold contains many secrets, and much information yet to be revealed to curious minds today. However, being lost to the Greeks, and losing the grand city of Troy, The Trojan War was forever known as one of the most famous and magnificent wars of all time because of the queen of Greece Helen, and her god-like beauty, which soon started the war, the raging battle taking place. Many considered Ulysses to be the real brains behind the Greek forces. Although Agamemnon was the leader of the Greeks, many would say he was not a good one. Even though Agamemnon did some good deeds during the war, many of his actions caused problems, and Ulysses often had to come to his rescue. With Ulysses on the Greeks side they had amazing intelligence and bravery. Many great things happened.

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Each one of them have changed over the years to fit certain generations. Mythic story tellers have told stories for years, like the Trojan War, and supernaturalism like Zeus, but we as people for our children have twisted these stories to make them more interesting and understanding. Like when children think…. They can also have certain ideas that they have made about the historical event. The context of historical novels can easily be altered by the author's perspective, and their opinions on historical events or issues.
The trojan horse was a wooden horse,it was used to attack Troy and it won the Trojan war. The Greeks and Troy were in a battle. Soon in few days, all the warships, army tents and armies disappeared.

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