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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Firstly, at the very beginning of the play, he gives a good image of him and seems sure of himself. But our esteem of him will quickly decline, and even during the first scene of the play. Our doctors say this is no month to bleed. And after this, Richard will be incapable of being obeyed by Bullingbrook. Here we recognize the logic of the king who says he gets what he wants because he is the king, but who also is disorganized, non-autonomous and non-domineering.

Richard II

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Richard succeeded to his grandfather's throne on June 22, , at the young age of ten. Due to his young age the government continued to be run by nobles of the kingdom, in the same fashion it had been in the last years of his grandfather's reign. Guant's misrule brought. Being dethroned by Bolingbroke forces Richard to confront the limitations and nature of his power as king.

Essay about Richard Ii

When Kings the sword of justice first lay down They are no King, though they possess they crown. Titles are shadows, crowns are empty things, The good of subjects is the end of Kings. Indeed to get the balance correct is the sign of a competent King. The theory of the divine right of a King to govern is greatly exploited and many aspects are explored throughout Shakespeare's political play, "Richard II".
As soon as Bolingbroke demonstrates his power, however, the Duke shifts his loyalty to him. Later, he reveals the role of his son, Aumerle, in the plot against Bolingbroke. His loyalty to country and king is his distinguishing trait.

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